An escapade is usually an adventurous action that runs counter to approved or conventional conduct. It is also an act involving some danger, risk or excitement, because it is different from usual or expected behavior. This is a love story of an unexpected conduct. We are used to love stories that ended because the partiesContinue reading “LOVE ESCAPADE – My Love Story”

The power of ME!

Yes!!! I mean the power of me. I heard in my spirit, wake up!!!! This is who you are:- You are a force, an energetic one at that. You are an embodiment of treasure, a total agenda created to illuminate a dark world. “Wow, me?” I said, And I got the reply.. “yes you!” YouContinue reading “The power of ME!”


It’s a great day!!! It’s Good Friday. Today is indeed a great day, woke up this morning, had my prayers and did a few other things, then I checked my phone, had series of messages coming in but I stumbled on a distinct message that caught my attention, I had no option but to giveContinue reading “THE BEAUTIFUL EXCHANGE”