Mercy is compassion shown to someone who deserves to be punished. Mercy at its peak is forgiveness. The greatest expression of “Mercy” is shown by God through His love for us. Romans 5:8 Scripture Frame – Bible Verse.  – But God demonstrates his own love for us in this, while we were still sinners ChristContinue reading “5 TRUTHS ABOUT GOD’S MERCY”

Timidity and Humility

Hello beautiful people… Many times, people find it hard to differentiate between humility and timidity. Jim Rohn defines this terms ” Humility is a virtue, Timidity is an illness”.⁣Humility is thinking of yourself less. It infers that you are considerate and regard others before yourself. ⁣On the contrary, timidity is thinking less of yourself ;Continue reading “Timidity and Humility”