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I can’t just stop at one. It’s really worth the reading.


Mercy Zamora Blog has been really impactful, I have carefully read through and I am glad I did. Thank you for being a blessing.

Happie Doki

Job well done. More Grace

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Few minutes of meditation, this line came to me ” our present help at all times” and I laughed. I laughed because I got a different picture to this statement. I suddenly remembered a popular fiction comic series/movie – Superman. I mean superman comes through for any one in need and he is man. HeContinue reading “OUR PRESENT HELP”


My thoughts are far..My mind is pondering 🤔.. I am looking back at all the happenings in this year 2020….. Sigh 😏 The fear…The mental torture from the daily NEWS,The indoor experiences,The fights and panic attacks,The burden in the hearts of many,The days where lots of people had to find God for themselves because theContinue reading “THANK YOU LORD”

The power of ME!

Yes!!! I mean the power of me. I heard in my spirit, wake up!!!! This is who you are:- You are a force, an energetic one at that. You are an embodiment of treasure, a total agenda created to illuminate a dark world. “Wow, me?” I said, And I got the reply.. “yes you!” YouContinue reading “The power of ME!”

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