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I can’t just stop at one. It’s really worth the reading.


Mercy Zamora Blog has been really impactful, I have carefully read through and I am glad I did. Thank you for being a blessing.

Happie Doki

Job well done. More Grace

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– GOD’S RESPONSE TO A GREAT PEOPLE (JOSHUA 17:17) Ever heard of the expression: “fake it till you make it”? It suggests an innate quest to become, to aspire, to evolve. And one of the greatest contentions individuals grapplewith is the tension between human potential and self-actualization. In fact, our individual and shared pursuits are attempts to bridge these two statesContinue reading ““YOU SHALL NOT HAVE ONLY ONE LOT””


“And her face was no longer sad”– 1Samuel 1:18 Sorrow, for many persons, is a familiar emotion- even though one that they would rather not feel or experience. But its reality, though unpleasant, is starker than our desire to avoid or merely wish it away. Hannah was you. The deep-seated sorrow which her condition ofContinue reading “HANNAH WAS YOU!”

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