In a life of pain, where there are various questions that seems unanswered.

We wonder and ponder on situations that befalls the earth.

What exactly is going on?

In a twinkle of an eye..

The whole world transforms, thinking patterns change, solutions are searched for but no answer yet….

We looked up, down and sideways to find an answer, we asked “where is God?”

Oops!!! It then occurred to me, we have missed it… Yes

We have missed it all.

What happened to God being All-knowing?

What happened to God being the Alpha and Omega?

What happened to God knowing the end From the beginning?

What happened to……?

Oh! how did we forget God?

How did we let this overwhelm us?

I mean …

God is not a Man, He doesn’t leave those He loves. For everything He allows, It would surely work together for our good.

He is too faithful to fail, He is too Loving to leave us, He is awesome in all His ways and He always keeps His promises.

This is to encourage you, this is to let you know that this too shall pass.

It will end in praise.

God Loves You.

Published by Isy O zamora

Ojogbo Isioma M. (also known as Zamora) is a young minister of God. She is a lover of God that understands the need to let the Holy spirit take control of all that the Father has given. She has led youths at various levels ranging from University days till date. She is currently mentoring youths at various level. She simply believes that everyone has been called to function in a particular sphere of life and with the help of the Almighty God, you can can achieve anything.


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