The Grateful

Today’s word is #Gratefulness.

The term “Grateful” is an act / feeling of showing appreciation for something done or received.

Many times, we get carried away searching for the things we think we need while on the other hand, there are things we have but have never been grateful for. Some other times, we get too comfortable requesting and requesting, forgetting that the things we have are priceless and more valuable than the things we need.

A true heart of gratitude never stops giving thanks for what is in his/her possession. Life is flooded with a quest to receive more. Humans are insatiable but a true heart of gratitude never stops receiving.

When you appreciate God for what you have, you are simply opening the door to receive more.

King James Version

Psalm 24 vs 1

The earth is the Lord’s and its fullness thereof, the world and they that dwell there in.

You serve a mighty God, the one who sits in heaven and make the earth His foot stool. He has everything in His possession and they are all yours but you must understand the need to appreciate God for the ones you have.

There are a lot of things to be grateful for:

The air you breathe,

The shoes on your feet,

The cloths on your back,

The ability to see, hear, smell,

The food and drink you take in,

The functioning of all organs in the body,

The freedom to move your body as you want,

The ability to sleep,

The capacity to wake up,

The projects you’ve accomplished,

The seasons you went through,

The lessons you learnt,

The experiences that didn’t take away your life,

The healing you received,

The battles you won,

We can go on and on…………..

God is committed to our wellbeing, we need to learn the art of gratitude. It is a conscious effort.

If you can think, you can thank, God knows your needs before you would ever ask.

Thank Him today and always.

He Cares!!!

Published by Isy O zamora

Ojogbo Isioma M. (also known as Zamora) is a young minister of God. She is a lover of God that understands the need to let the Holy spirit take control of all that the Father has given. She has led youths at various levels ranging from University days till date. She is currently mentoring youths at various level. She simply believes that everyone has been called to function in a particular sphere of life and with the help of the Almighty God, you can can achieve anything.

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