The Kingdom First

Its an awesome day, a new month to be precised, this month would indeed be favourable to us.

Today we would looking at an exciting topic The Kingdom First.

Yes a kingdom……..

The kingdom of God .

According to Matthew 6:33
But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

This is a principle that many people fail to adhere to………

This is a principle of obedience that provides our heart desire.

When you seek first the kingdom of God, God begins to bring your desires to reality, He becomes fully responsible for the things you need.

Many people are so in a hurry to achieve a lot that they forget the essence of the presence of God.

God wants you to be deliberate in your services to Him not because you need anything but because you just want to be a faithful and loving follower.

Many times when we get what we think we need from God, we may likely withdraw because the focus was not the Kingdom but our needs. God is committed to making you happy and you have to be committed to making His kingdom come here on earth.

He is a Sincere leader.

A quick question for every believer……..

Why are you following Christ?

We need to be intentional about answering this question so we could set our priorities and motive straight.

I urge you today to put Gods Kingdom first and every other thing you never thought of achieving would be at the tip of your fingers.

God loves you

He is willing to give you all.