Act of success

And yes!!! It’s another beautiful day!


I have taken out time to continually share experiences with you on this platform. Everyone needs to learn something from another. I hope you actually do……..

I would start by asking a question………
Have you ever been tagged a failure because you weren’t able to do something well and then you say to yourself ” I have put so much effort, I have given my all but then why don’t I seem to be doing fine ?
What do you think could have caused that?

On the other hand, I seem to be the guru at this even without putting so much effort. People come to ask me, how do you do this? How do you do that? And really…… I can’t really say I did this or that…..
But then I say……… It’s God o!

We know it’s God, God is responsible for all of us

This happens in various areas of our lives as individuals. We tend be good at this and then not so good at that. The major reason why people don’t see you as successful or good enough is because you have neglected your strength and focused so much on your weakness. Your weakness can be managed and then strengthened but while it does spend great time on what you do well. No one is a failure, everyone is as Good as they know they are. The only difference is that some people publicize their strength, others publicized their weakness.

Keep doing what you do… Keep magnifying your strength, keep believing in yourself, keep giving your best. You are successful as long as you know so.