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Many times, we do not understand various feelings except we begin to experience it. People interchange loneliness for emptiness.

Emptiness is simply being void, loneliness is simply feeling alone.

You can be alone but not empty,  you can also have people around but be empty.

Have you ever felt you needed more to what you have but you can’t place what you really need.

Have you ever felt lack of wealth, singleness, lack of education, unfruitfulness etc was your problem and then suddenly, there was an open door but somehow you still feel like something is still missing.

Have you ever felt like there is more to life than you have

Have you as an active worker in your church suddenly feel like, something is kinda missing but you can’t place.

Have you ever felt empty, you have searched and tasted every aspect of life but like Solomon in the Bible, you feel it isn’t still worth it. You feel it’s still vanity.

I would love to share this with you :-

Believers feel this way because there is a longing in their spirit, as much as our human body feels hungry,  so does our spirit long for a lasting relationship with God.

Somtimes, we as believers never regain fullness until we are truly filled in our spirit.

As an unbeliever,  you feel empty because, there is a space inside of you that nothing and no-one can fill.  That space is supposed to be occupied by God himself.  You would continually remain that way until you accept Christ Jesus into your life and continually fellowship with him.  Most times you try to fill that space with all sort of things like excessive drinking,  womanising, smoking, drug dealing, robbery,  etc.

But fulfilment does not come by doing all of those things.  Fulfilment and fullness comes with accepting Christ and having continual relationship with Him.

You need to be filled

you need to have the power gotten from fellowship not just the form.

You need to be knowledgeable about spiritual life and not just following with activities thereby being religious.

It’s God’s will that you are filled with His Spirit,  that every step you intend taking,  you seek His direction.

Let God have His way

Let your Fellowship be genuine.

He would definitely fill you up.

God bless you.

Isy Zamora



Published by Isy O zamora

Ojogbo Isioma M. (also known as Zamora) is a young minister of God. She is a lover of God that understands the need to let the Holy spirit take control of all that the Father has given. She has led youths at various levels ranging from University days till date. She is currently mentoring youths at various level. She simply believes that everyone has been called to function in a particular sphere of life and with the help of the Almighty God, you can can achieve anything.

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