Happy Easter to you

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It’s a brand new day


Generosity is simply the act of being nice,  kind, liberal and free handed.

There comes this man,

He owns everything,  His father has everything,  through Him everything became,  the earth is His,  the heavens are His. He knows the end from the beginning, but guess what :

He gave all up for you,

He accepted the disgrace so you might be uplifted.

He took all your diseases ,so you would be strong ,hail and hearty.

He took your pain so that you would be free from pain.

He was spat on, humiliated, so you would be great and respected.

He gave all up,  He gave every single thing up for you.

Guess what?

He started the Generosity revolution of love!!!

He gave all up for love

The love we have for Him is based on His love for us.

Oh what kind of love is this!!!

The cross, the blood, the stripes,  the nails,  the tears,  the weight, the disgrace,  the pain, all for me! All for you!!!.

Jesus came and did it just for me.

You have been restored!!!


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