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Once upon a time, there were two friends who grew up together, went to the same high school and the same University but one always dreamt of becoming a lecturer, the other dreamt of becoming a pharmacist. They both knew that they would not always stay together as they used to because they were in different department in school and they needed to relate more to people in their field in order to become excellent students as they desired. At the end of their studies, they both became close again and became successful in their field, they could relate better at the general level of success even without being in the same specialty.

Everyone has a path to follow in achieving ones dream. Your path is the way that leads to your own achievement. The moment you realise that you cannot be like everyone. You can only choose to be who you want to be.

Understanding your path makes you realise that success is unique to your own ability. The uniqueness of your path makes you understand the sky is big enough to contain everyone, therefore no matter what the situation is, you would get to your destination because you know where you are headed.

Understanding your path makes you stand up tall even when it looks like you shouldn’t. It makes you realise the need to be happy with people who succeeded at something because in no time you would also get to your destination.

Follow your path, focus, be purpose driven, the end result is success.

You are only who you think you are. I celebrate you in advance for being successful at what you do.

Stay tuned.

Isy. O. Zamora

Published by Isy O zamora

Ojogbo Isioma M. (also known as Zamora) is a young minister of God. She is a lover of God that understands the need to let the Holy spirit take control of all that the Father has given. She has led youths at various levels ranging from University days till date. She is currently mentoring youths at various level. She simply believes that everyone has been called to function in a particular sphere of life and with the help of the Almighty God, you can can achieve anything.

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