Dream from afar


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There are various definitions of dreams which includes :-

1. a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep.

2. a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal

The dream in this context is the definition given by point 2.

There are cherished aspiration and ambition that people look forward to achieving but it seems to far to be realised.  It seems like  its going to take forever to be accomplished.

You can feel it too close but yet see so far. The farther you think it is,  the more passionate you should become.  The moment you believe in yourself knowing you would surely achieve your dream,  the drive you need to get better increases.

There is a light inside of you waiting to shine but you must be ready to contain it.  Your success in achieving your dream is first determined by

1).  Knowing how passionate you are about achieving your goal

2). Knowing what it takes to achieve those dreams

3). believing that obstacles only brings out the strength inside of you

4). Knowing who you need in achieving those dreams.

5). Believing that you truly are a success.

Don’t let anyone intimidate you, stand up tall with your head raised and face the enemy at the gates.  Challenges would come,  discouragement would arise,  people would hate and despise you,  but it’s really not about them. It’s about who you have been called to be,  what you have been called to achieve.  When there is a vision,  provision would be made available by the vision giver.

You are an achiever,You are more than a conqueror ,All you really need is inside of you.

You are more than what you think you are,  you carry much more than what you know.

Sit like a king with a vision and let the world run at your name because there is something you have  to offer.

Dreams seem far but are closer than you think.

You are Great only when you think you are!!


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